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(Above: The Fremont Ross boys tennis team seniors, left to right, Frankiw Scott, Evan Oglesbee, Andrew Miller, Lucas Cronin and Ethan Moyer)

FREMONT – The seniors of the Fremont Ross tennis team took varied paths to get to their place on the roster. But all of them are better for the journey.

The program recognized its five seniors Thursday afternoon on Senior Night as the Little Giants hosted Rossford. Not only did all five win their respective matches with ease, they also took a moment to reflect on what being a part of program has meant to them.

Ethan Moyer returns a shot during Thursday’s match against Rossford.

Ethan Moyer and Lucas Cronin are the Little Giants’ only seniors to have spent four years in the program. While they’ve played some singles matches this year, they’ve predominately been a doubles team, therefore it’s hard for coach Lisa Wolfe to think of one without the other.

“I can’t. They just enjoy playing tennis as partners,” Wolfe said. “They’ve been great leaders. They’re somebody I can ask questions to if I’m iffy about a certain lineup, they have enough tennis experience where they can point me in the direction that I probably need to go.”

The duo’s physical skill-sets complement each other well. The left-handed Moyer plays a more powerful game while Cronin’s speed and soft hands add an element of finesse. Together they won the TRAC championship at No. 2 doubles last year and are looking to do so again this year in the No. 1 doubles bracket.

“We both really want to the win the TRAC tournament,” Cronin said. “The matches we lost were really close. We’re excited.”

Lucas Cronin gets set to serve during Thursdays match with Rossford.

With the TRAC tournament scheduled for Friday and Saturday and the sectional tournament slated for next week, Moyer knows their time together is quickly winding down and is determined to enjoy their final days on the court, such as Thursday’s 6-0, 6-1 win at No. 1 doubles over Rossford.

“Tt’s been a good four years,” Moyer said. “I’ve had a good run. We’ve had a lot of wins, a lot of tough matches we pulled out. It’s been a great four years.”

Two years ago, Andrew Miller had never played tennis, outside of playing with his family. But with Moyer and Cronin’s constant recruiting, he finally gave the game a try before his junior season. In his two seasons on the team, Miller has shown himself to a rapid learner whose athleticism quickly made him not just a varsity starter but an integral part of the lineup, often playing No. 1 singles this season, as he did Thursday, winning 6-1, 6-0.

Miller’s success and demeanor constantly make Wolfe wish he’d played all four years.

Andrew Miller returns a shot during his match Thursday against Rossford.

“Drew is just an extremely nice young man,” Wolfe said. “He’s genuine, he’s very genuine. I can’t say enough nice things about him. He was raised right, that’s for sure.”

Miller said he was grateful he finally listened to his friends and joined the team.

“Finally, junior year I decided to play, and I don’t regret it,” he said. “I didn’t think I was going to be good at it. I wasn’t confident, I guess. This year I’m playing first singles almost every time. I really wish I would have played all four years. I really had fun.”

Like Miller, Evan Oglesbee and Frankie Scott were late-arrivals to the game, playing their first seasons on the team as seniors. Also like Miller, Moyer and Cronin played a key role in getting them on the court. Over the summer Oglesbee and Scott joined them for tennis at Roger Young Park. With no experience in the game, Oglesbee and Scott picked up the basics and decided to give trying out for the team a shot.

Frankie Scott, left, and Evan Oglesbee pound fists after scoring a point in Thursdays match against Rossford.

“I played over the summer but that was about it,” Scott said of his experience. “Every Monday and Thursday the guys go to Roger Young and Lucas brought me out there and I started playing.

“You play a lot of tough teams. It’s hard, but it’s fun. As you play more you grow and get better.”

Not only did Scott and Oglesbee join the team, they became Wole’s No. 2 doubles team on varsity and played a significant factor in Ross’ 11-6 overall record following Thursday’s victory over Rossford in which they won their match 6-0, 6-1.

“We’re very competitive and we’re competitive with each other too,” Oglesbee said of he and Scott “Since we’re both first-year, we try to better each other and try to one-up each other. It’s been good. It’s been fun.”

 Fremont Ross 5, Rossford 0

No. 1 singles: Andrew Miller (FR) def. Parrish Drasum, 6-1, 6-0

No. 2 singles: Fremont Ross wins via forfeit

No. 3 singles: Fremont Ross wins via forfeit

No. 1 doubles: Lucas Cronin/Ethan Moyer (FR) def. Ducan Odneal/Hunter Zoczec, 6-0, 6-1

No. 2 doubles: Evan Oglesbee/Frankie Scott (FR) def. Blake Pierce/Dylan Niedbalce, 6-0, 6-1

Ross Record: 11-6 overall

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