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Case Stevenson swims in the boys 100 breaststroke.

FREMONT – Even with one of the season’s biggest events looking this weekend, the Fremont Ross boys team wasn’t lacking motivation for its dual meet with Sandusky Perkins.

Not only have the Little Giants swimmers not lost a dual meet in more than two years, but Perkins snapped Ross’ winning streak last weekend at the NWOAC Relays. So as the Pirates visited the Hawk-Bucci Natatorium, the Little Giants were ready.

Ross won nine of the 12 swimming events and kept its dual match streak alive and got a little retribution on the Pirates, winning 101-85

“They weren’t too happy about that because we’d won the relay meet the last couple of years,” coach Phil Moran said. “So they’re still perfect in dual meets.

“Our guys stepped up.”

Cole Dymond swims in the 100 backstroke.

Connor Colston won the 200 and 500 freestyles and Dylan Weisenauer won the 50 free and the 100 butterfly. Case Stevenson won the 200 IM and Ethan Taylor finished first in the 100 freestyle. The Little Giants also swept the relays thanks to the combined efforts of Colston, Weisenauer, Stevenson, Taylor as well as James Elder and Logan Kropp.

“It’s fun having a dual meet when it’s close,” Moran. “For years we’ve been competitive with Perkins. There was probably a five-year period of time where we lost by eight points total. Those are fun meets because everyone’s pumped up and into it, and the kids were into this because they knew it was a close meet.”

Moran also noted the performances from the younger swimmers as well, such as Jake Thompson, Kody Culbert, Ryan Dabrunz, Ivan Starkweather and Garrett Ebert.

“Garrett Ebert in the 200 – a rookie swimmer in the 200 – he didn’t die, so he’s good,” Moran said. “They all think they’re gonna die, but they survive. But all those young guys did really well.”

The Lady Giants were even more dominant, winning every event except the diving competition, and defeating the Pirates, 143-43.

Maddie Gallagher dives into the pool as Alexis Prenzlin finishes her leg of the 200 freestyle relay.

The Lady Giants were again led by their Big 4 of Olivia DeRodes, MaKennah Fitzgerald, AnneMarie Moses and MaKennah Fitzgerald. The three seniors and junior (Prenzlin) came in first in every event, combined as a unit in the 200 medley and joined with Maddie Gallgher, McKela Elder, Mara Brown and Faith Zimmerman on the 200 and 400 freestyle relays.

Ross’ girls also finished second in all but one of the events it won.

“he girls just dominated,” Moran said. “They had a great performance. We have a ton of depth on the girls’ side and it showed today.”

Moran said the swim of the night came courtesy of Prenzlin whose time of 1:06.90 is three seconds off her own school record.

Alexis’ breaststroke is pretty phenomenal, 1:06 is pretty good,” Moran said. “That was our school record for years and so whipping out a 1:06 in a meet was really good. She looked comfortable in it, so hopefully she’s got some high spirits going in (to this weekend’s meet). But all the girls looked good.”

Moran said he’s giving his teams their first break since the start of the season, allowing their bodies to rest a few days in lead up to Saturday’s Ned Reeb Invitational at Ohio State. The rest, combined with putting on fast suits, has Moran interested to see what his teams will do this weekend.

“Seeing how they’re swimming so well now, and throwing a (fast) suit on them and giving them a day or two of rest, I would anticipate them having some good (time) drops.”


Alexis Prenzlin does a celebratory belly flop following the Lady Giants’ dual meet win over Perkins.

Girls results

Fremont Ross 143, Sandusky Perkins 43

First place finishes:

200 medley relay: Ross (MaKennah Fitzgerald, Alexis Prenzlin, AnneMarie Moses, Olivia DeRodes), 1:51.65

200 freestyle: Olivia DeRodes, 2:00.98

200 IM: Alexis Prenzlin, 2:18.52

50 freestyle: AnneMarie Moses, 25.85

100 butterfly: AnneMarie Moses, 1:01.04

100 freestyle: MaKennah Fitzgerald, 57.51

500 freestyle: Olivia DeRodes, 5:27.04

200 freestyle relay: Ross (Alexis Prenzlin, Maddie Gallgher, McKela Elder, Mara Brown), 1:47.03

100 backstroke: MaKennah Fitzgerald, 1:02.24

100 breaststroke: Alexis Prenzlin, 1:06.90

400 freestyle relay: Ross (Olivia DeRodes, AnneMarie Moses, Faith Zimmerman, MaKennah Fitzgerald), 3:55.84


Boys results

Fremont Ross 101, Sandusky Perkins 85

First place finishes:

200 medley relay: Ross (Connor Colston, Case Stevenson, Dylan Weisenauer, James Elder), 1:47.11

200 freestyle: Connor Colston, 1:54.52

200 IM: Case Stevenson, 2:12.33

50 freestyle: Dylan Weisenauer, 22.68

100 butterfly: Dylan Weisenauer, 53.17

100 freestyle: Ethan Taylor, 53.24

500 freestyle: Connor Colston, 5:19.59

200 freestyle relay: Ross (James Elder, Case Stevenson, Logan Kropp, Ethan Taylor), 1:37.30

400 freestyle relay: Ross (Dylan Weisenauer, Connor Colston, Logan Kropp, Ethan Taylor), 3:30.87


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