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FREMONT – The Ross swim teams brought out the brooms Tuesday night.

The Little and Lady Giant swimmers hosted Whitmer, Oregon Clay, St. Joseph Central Catholic and Toledo Bowsher for a series of dual meets with Ross winning them all.

The boys program defeated Whitmer (150-18), SJCC (149-8) and Clay (127.5-52.5) while the Lady Giants swept SJCC (153-29), Bowsher (152-5), Whitmer (151-17) and Clay (144-34).

“(The) kids swam well today, we did over 10k in workouts today with AM/PM practice before the meet,” said coach Phil Moran. “So (it was a) good meet going into Hell Week.”

The Lady Giants won all but two events and place first through third in six. The boys also finished first in all-but two events and swept the top three places in three events.

Moran noted strong performances from McKela Elder in the backstroke and in the 200 relay as well as Mara Brown in the 200 IM. Zach Edmonds broke a minute for the first time as the anchor leg in the 400 relay, clocking a time of 57.7 seconds. Roman Contreras cut about eight seconds off his time in the breaststroke while Kody Culbert also cut time in the same event.

Moran mixed up his personnel in the boys relays and the results were impressive. The A and B medley relay teams tied for first, the 200 A and B teams were separated by a mere 0.1 of a second while the 400 relay A and B teams had a gap of just 0.81 seconds.

“All six relays were within .91 of a second,” Moran said. “Doubt that will ever happen again.”

Results listed below include all Ross finishers who placed in the top three of the event. If any names have been omitted or errors, please email [email protected].


Girls results

Fremont Ross 153, SJCC 29

Fremont Ross 152, Toledo Bowsher 5

Fremont Ross 151, Whitmer 17

Fremont Ross 144, Oregon Clay 34

Fremont Ross finishes inside Top 3:

200 medley relay: 1st, MaKennah Fitzgerald, AnneMarie Moses, Alexis Prenzlin, Olivia DeRodes, 1:54.55; 2nd, Hayley Wilson, Maddie Gallagher, Mara Brown, Rilee Overmyer, 2:01.71; 3rd, Rachel Haitonic, Lauren Zimmerman, Hannah Widman, Allison Taylor, 2:07.92

200 freestyle: 2nd, McKela Elder, 2:10.76; 3rd, Rachel Haitonic, 2:11.81

200 IM: 1st, Mara Brown, 2:24.51; 2nd, Hayley Wilson, 2:41.62; 3rd, Allison Taylor, 2:48.74

50 freestyle: 1st, AnneMarie Moses, 25.61; 2nd, Rilee Overmyer, 27.91

1 meter diving: 1st, Sarah Watson, 180.9; 2nd, Jadyn Rozzell, 178.5; 3rd, Morgan Shetzer, 131.7

100 butterfly: 1st, Alexis Prenzlin, 1:04.14; 2nd, Hannah Widman, 1:16.04;

100 freestyle: 1st, MaKennah Fitzgerald, 57.3; 2nd, Maddie Gallagher, 59.49; 3rd, Lauren Zimmerman, 1:04.53.

500 freestyle: 2nd, Olivia DeRodes, 5:30.50; 3rd, Rachel Haitonic, 5:52.29

200 freestyle relay: 1st, Olivia DeRodes, MaKennah Fitzgerald, Alexis Prenzlin, AnneMarie Moses, 1:42.60; 2nd, Maddie Gallagher, Rilee Overmyer, Lauren Zimmerman, McKela Elder, 1:49.97; 3rd, Hannah Widman, Alyssa Batey, Allison Taylor, Hayley Wilson, 2:00.93

100 backstroke: 1st, McKela Elder, 1:08.01; 2nd, Mara Brown, 1:08.71

100 breaststroke: 1st, Maddie Gallagher, 1:09.9; 2nd, Lauren Zimmerman, 1:16.04; 3rd, Azlynn Rich, 1:37.44

400 freestyle relay: 1st, Olivia DeRodes, MaKennah Fitzgerald, Alexis Prenzlin, AnneMarie Moses, 3:45.19; 2nd, Mara Brown, McKela Elder, Rilee Overmyer, Rachel Haitonic, 4:07.05


Boys results

Fremont Ross 150, Whitmer 18

Fremont Ross 149, SJCC 8

Fremont Ross 127.5, Oregon Clay 52.5

Fremont Ross finishes inside Top 3:

200 medley relay: T-1st, Cole Dymond, Braedyn Price, Ethan Taylor, Logan Kropp, 1:53.29; T-1st, Connor Colston, Zach Edmonds, Dylan Weisenauer, Sam Sweeney, 1:53; 3rd, Andy Burroughs, Case Stevenson, Noah Egbert, James Elder, 1:57.95.

200 freestyle: 1st, Logan Kropp, 2:03.11

200 IM: 1st, Ethan Taylor, 2:15.31; 2nd, Zach Edmonds, 2:34.23.

50 freestyle: 2nd, Cole Dymond, 25.4

1 meter diving: 1st, Dane Michael, 184.05; 2nd, Bowen Schoch, 177.80; 3rd, Sam Sweeney, 113.

100 butterfly: 1st, Dylan Weisenauer, 54.5; 3rd, Braedyn Price, 1:11.44.

100 freestyle: 1st, James Elder, 52.76

500 freestyle: 1st, Andy Burroughs, 5:39.87; 3rd, Trenton Ward, 6:20.2

200 freestyle relay: 1st, Dylan Weisenauer, Case Stevenson, Cole Dymond, Andy Burroughs, 1:38.74; 2nd, Ethan Taylor, James Elder, Braedyn Price, Zach Edmonds, 1:38.84; 3rd, Connor Colston, Logan Kropp, Sam Sweeney, Zach McNutt, 1:45.22.

100 backstroke: 3rd, Connor Colston, 59.16

100 breaststroke: 1st, Case Stevenson, 1:06.34; 2nd, Roman Contreras, 1:25.39, T-3rd, Kody Culbert, 1:27.15

400 freestyle relay: 1st, Connor Colston, Logan Kropp, Cole Dymond, Zach Edmonds, 3:39.7; 2nd, Dylan Weisenauer, Case Stevenson, Braedyn Price, Andy Burroughs, 3:40.51





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